Life On A Rol

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Alex Roldan Photo is the New York-based studio of commercial photographer Alex Roldan.

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Staten Island Advance

Historic Richmondtown



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Alex Roldan has a background in fine art, having earned his bachelor's at The College Of Staten Island. He studied photography under Chris Verene and Cinema under award-winning documentarian David Petersen. Now he works as a freelance photographer out of New York.


His mind’s eye capturin’ what his lens still can’t see, wanderin’ the subterranean channel between the soul and the subconscious, capturin’ moments and mimes, mummies and the sublime, from sewer grates to the Guggenheim. These people, these streets, the mundane and fleeting feats. His lens don’t judge - it sees what the heart sees, empathy and street flow. He ain’t just a photog or a man on a mission: he’s On A Rol.
— Andrew William Flores